The costs of performing a thorough due diligence are inconsequential when compared to the potential loss of an investment or project budget budget. I’ve been a part of dozens of diligence trips, both as a part of the studio being investigated and as a part of the team doing diligence. That has given me a perspective and specific knowledge of what really matters, and an ability to find the truth behind any organization's best presentation of themselves.

Here’s what I can help with, if you are evaluating a relationship with a vendor or studio:

  • Create a new diligence questionnaire or evaluate one you already have.
  • The investigation covers company history and organization, human resources, infrastructure, production team's skills and roles, development methodology, outsourcing plans, and deep dives into discipline specific topics such as the art asset pipeline or dependencies on 3rd party technology.
  • Plan and execute an on-site diligence trip of one or more vendors, and create a final ranking and recommendation.

If you are the subject of a diligence trip, I can also:

  • Evaluate your answers on a diligence questionnaire before it is submitted.
  • Perform an on-site studio practice diligence and present a report with recommendations on how you can make the best impression possible when you undergo the real thing.