Pitch Preparation

Your team has worked hard to create a new project idea, and you want to take it on the road to find the right publishing partner. Every publisher I've ever pitched to knows I never waste their time, so I get the right people in the pitch meeting the first time around.

I can help you make the very most of this process from the first social meeting to the final project green light meeting. Twenty years in game development has helped me make some heavy hitting contacts in the games industry, and these people know that if I bring a team to pitch a game it is something worth seeing.

Hire me to help you pitch your game and I can:

  • Evaluate and improve the pitch and pitch materials.
  • Prepare your team for some hard questions.
  • Find the right publishing partners for your project, and make introductions that will lead to a green light for your project.
  • Organize and execute the pitch tour.