Project Budgeting

Over the last ten years I’ve developed a project budgeting system that has delivered stellar results on every project it has been used on, and helped Red Fly plan accurate cash flows on every project it shipped while I was there. I can build a complete financial plan for your project in a week or less.

In less than a week, I can build a draft financial plan that includes:

  • Direct development costs of your team by discipline and/or platform.
  • Multiple studio or currency breakdowns for distributed teams.
  • Team hiring, technology licensing, and outsourcing costs.
  • Capital expenditure outlays from expanding or replacing studio infrastructure.
  • A milestone payment plan that optimizes your cash position.
  • Cash flow, kickoff payment requirements, and project profit and loss projection.
  • A summary suitable for placing in project pitch or diligence submissions.
  • Ability to easily track the plan going forward, helping the team make good spending decisions as unexpected events arise.