Turnkey Game Production

Do you have a project, but no team to develop it? Whether you need a team to be found, or a temporary team to be built for a quick one-off project, my deep contacts in the game development industry and project experience can put this problem behind you.

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Project Recovery

As they say a battle plan rarely survives contact with the enemy. Sometimes even the best intentions and efforts from the development team or other stakeholders aren’t enough to keep a project on track. I’ve been able to save multiple projects from disaster without compromising on budget or quality, and I didn’t sacrifice the team to do it.

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Project Budgeting

Over the last ten years I’ve developed a project budgeting system that has delivered stellar results on every project it has been used on, and helped Red Fly plan accurate cash flows on every project it shipped while I was there. I can build a complete financial plan for your project in a week or less.

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Project Deliverables Planning

Most projects need to estimate their schedule and milestone deliverables during contract negotiation, which is typically before the development team is even assigned to the project. The need to do this can strain the relationship between business development and product development – but it doesn’t need to anymore.

I can help you create a detailed plan that balances the needs of everyone, creating something that will get the project greenlit and motivating the team at the same time.

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The costs of performing a thorough due diligence are inconsequential when compared to the potential loss of an investment or project budget budget. I’ve been a part of dozens of diligence trips, both as a part of the studio being investigated and as a part of the team doing diligence. That has given me a perspective and specific knowledge of what really matters, and an ability to find the truth behind any organization's best presentation of themselves.

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If you have a small project with just a few hundred text strings, or a large project with cinematics that need subtitling and thousands of voice over lines, I can handle the entire localization process for you.

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Pitch Preparation

Your team has worked hard to create a new project idea, and you want to take it on the road to find the right publishing partner. Every publisher I've ever pitched to knows I never waste their time, so I get the right people in the pitch meeting the first time around.

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Contact Me

Phone: +1-512-203-1885