Ratrace on IGN

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    • Ratrace on IGN

      We got front page coverage on IGN, though it might be gone by the time you read this since IGN cycles very quickly. This is huge for us! Here's a direct link to the article, complete with up-to-date screenshots!


      Ok, back to the pixel mines. Here's hoping I finish before dawn. Wheee!

    • Congratulations Rez, Looking good ;) ,I for one am very interested in playing this game. When is it due to be released (approx) ??
      I think its a very cool and novel idea, trying new things is not something you see many game companies doing, most like to play it safe with a sequel to an already successful title, or something in the same genre.
      Good luck with it. 8)
    • The official release date is "this winter" for episode 1, so we're very close to shipping.

      I'm very happy to be working on a game that's a bit out of the norm. It makes me proud to add to the diversity of the gaming industry. :)

      Now if only this stupid grapple meter would work....

    • Hey Rez - who's publishing the game?
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