Where's Rez?

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    • Where's Rez?

      If you don't know me, feel free to ignore this.... ;)

      For everyone else, here's an update as to where I've been. I sort of disappeared for a while...

      I moved last weekend to a house up in the hills across the bay. I have a beautiful view of the bay and of San Francisco, where I go everyday to write games. Raven (my wonderful girlfriend) and I moved in together and we're currently dealing with unpacking and figuring out where stuff goes. At least my computer is set up.... The place it beautiful. Raven wants to take a bunch of pictures so maybe I'll post them if you're interested.

      Work is going crazy. We have officially hit crunch time, along with the 18+ hour days that go along with it. This is also when I decided to move, which probably won't go down in history as the most most strategically sound decision I have ever made. Things are going very well though, and we're more-or-less on time. It's just super busy.

      I'll post some Ratrace screenshots when I get a chance.

      Oh wait, here's one:
      This was caused by a pathing bug. We weren't taking Y into account when dealing with dynamic avoidance so they were all trying to avoid people on the lower floors. Oops...

      And here's the main character dressed like a skank:
      She actually has much sluttier outfits than that, but I didn't get the multi-mesh texture swapping working until last night so all you get is the default one.

      Alrighty, back to work with me!

    • Yo dood its good to hear from you - crunch mode sucks, but hey - it builds character!

      Of course - you have plenty of that so I have no idea what it will do to you....
      Author, Programmer, Brewer, Patriot
    • Long time, no see, guy. I thought I scared you off when I started posting more.

      Long as we're catching up... I'm working on an Allegro+OpenGL engine this summer for my general purposes, but my first intended use is for an IP I developed for one of my classes, called Presidential Kung-Fu Showdown. My degree is a generic game development program, so we have to do a bit of everything.

      Allow me to manifest some kindergarten-quality concept art:
      Click for full set

      I hope to have a wobsite soon. And if you don't know what a wobsite is, maybe you can read about it on the interblag.

      Other than that, I've been trying to get in good with a local dev, Norseman Games. However, it seems that every time I go down to their offices, there's nobody home. I tried emailing them, but no reply.

      Funny thing is, they almost hired me once before. It was through a friend of a friend, though, that works there -- well, did work there... He got canned before I was officially hired, interviewed, anything.

      I figure if I'm good enough to hire once, I'm good enough to hire twice. But still, I've beefed up my resume and portfolio. Might be a paying job, might not be, but I'll take what I can get.