Super-Ego Games is hiring

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    • Super-Ego Games is hiring

      Hey all,

      We're hiring! We're looking for two engineers, an environmental artist, and a game designer. One engineering position is for a senior console developer, the other is more a junior all-purpose developer. Check them out on Gamasutra (the junior position hasn't been posted yet):….asp?kwrd=Super-Ego+Games

      These are all in San Francisco, CA except the environmental artist, which could either be in San Francisco or New York (I think we're perfering SF though). Let me know if you have any questions.


      PS: I'm just a programmer. I have no power of hiring/firing.
    • Out of curiosity, are you doing internships, by chance?
      Feel you safe and secure in the protection of your pants . . . but one day, one day there shall be a No Pants Day and that shall be the harbinger of your undoing . . .
    • Maybe! But it probably wouldn't be a paid internship. You would most likely do builds and test stuff and maybe do some grunt-work coding. Mostly SCM stuff though. If you're serious, send me a PM with details on what you're looking for and I'll ask.

    • RE: Super-Ego Games is hiring

      Yes. We have nice shiny nickle. Everyday, you get a new one. oooooooooo, shiny. Oh, but you have to pass the engineering test first.

    • RE: Super-Ego Games is hiring

      Oh goodie! I love engineering tests! Just as long as its not spelling and sentance structure. I can't handle that!

      I count myself lucky if I can spell "engineering" let along having to take some test. But I am attracted to bright shinny nicles for some unknown reason, must be a childhood thingy!


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    • We're working on Rat Race for the PS3. It's an interactive sitcom that makes fun of the corporate world (think Office Space, but a movie). If I had to classify it, I'd call it an adventure game. Go to to check out some screenshots.

      We're looking to hire asap, so any potential candidates should apply as soon as they can.