Easter Eggs

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    • Easter Eggs

      What easter eggs have you guys put into games? We had a discussion here and there are several cool easter eggs, but they were all done by the artists. We started thinking about what we could add.

      So far, the only one I have (and it's not really an easter egg) is in the archive file, which is currently named build.rez. Maybe I could script some wacky AI dance in a certain situation.......

    • RE: Easter Eggs

      That would require sound assets (and possibly animations) that we don't have. No dice. Good idea though. ;)

    • Originally posted by Kain
      The McShaffry threatens to instafire anybody who sticks an easter egg into the game.

      Eek! Is this true, Mike? What about Officially Authorize Easter Eggs? (Note the alternating caqps, which is what makes it Official.)

    • That's understandable. It's those easter eggs that tend to get companies sued. ;)

    • They also tend to be the ones that are not code reviewed or included in the test suites and so can be the source of interesting and challenging problems in the program (read Bugs and Ship Problems).
      Gamma Testing - Where testing is extended to the full user community (AKA Shipping the Program)
    • Not quite "In a game" but after the Codemasters studio I worked at was shut down, I started working at a VFX software company on what is essentially a level editor for feature film CG shots. At first it was nice to have a break from Crunch cyles, but after a couple of months I was missing making games enough that I wrote a Breakout game as a plug-in for our programs node graph (just for fun). When it came time for our next release, it was chosen to be shipped as an easter egg that required a special key combination to activate. What surprised me was that 2 studios discovered it within one week of the new version being shipped.