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    • greetings - nice book


      I just wanted to say that I bought the book two days ago and it looks like my ideal game programming book. I've just finished reading Lippman, et al, C++ Primer and wanted something that was heavy on C++ and games design/architecture with an emphasis on practicality. I've only read the first hundred and fifty pages so far but this looks just the job. I also like the site here, plenty of stuff for me to look through.

      One small suggestion, I downloaded the source code last night but I'm on dialup until next month. It would be handy for those benighted people like myself if you put the approximate download size next to the "click me to dowload the source" link so we get an idea how long the download will take.

      I have got one or two games programming related questions but I'll post them separately.

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      Welcome to the boards, and to the dark side of game programming. :)

      Are you looking to get into the industry, or are you a hobbyist?


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      I'm just a hobbyist atm but I would like to get into the industry if poss. My experience is all in legacy code though - Unidata/DataBasic/Unibasic - which doesn't cross over very well.

      Atm I just want to get a good background in cpp and make some small games. I prefer space games like X2 / X3 / Freelancer. I've got dev status on the egosoft board (X games) but haven't done much with it yet.

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      It's absolutely possible. If they let a hack like me in, you should have no problem. ;)