First day job

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    • First day job

      Still in the old place :D

      On my first day job, I wore a complete formal suit from top to bottom.

      When I walked in the office, people gave me a strange and funny look.

      And then a guy with just a white t-shirt and short pants walking passed by me in BARE-FOOT!
      He turned out to be one of the VP :)
      He told me to wear something more casual to work starting tomorrow.

      So the next day, I showed up in t-shirt, short pants, and sandals (I am thinking in showing up in bare-foot but I don't think it will do good to my feet :D).

      I can sense my co-worker's acceptance, and they are willing to embrace me since then :P

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    • Is this a game company? If so, you are definately overdressed. I showed up to my interview in a t-shirt, bleached jeans, and an army jacket. My hair was blue at the time and I didn't tie it back. It didn't hinder me at all. In fact, everyone complimented the shirt, which was a retro gamer shirt.

      I think a suit would have hindered me, actually. Maxis and Microprose were the same way. And really.... would you want to work anywhere that was any different?