App_sufx ?!?!?!

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    • App_sufx ?!?!?!

      Okay, I'm trying to use the code from Ch. 5 page 130 ( the initialisation method ) but I'm getting an error on the line where he declares the LangDllName.

      Initialisation\Win32Application.cpp(25) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'APP_SUFX'

      I've searched google, MSDN and this site and I can't find anything on this APP_SUFX... Can anyone explain what this is?
    • APP_SUFX was a preprocessor #define that is specific to the GameCode project. Judging from that error, it looks like you are missing the #define APP_SUFX somewhere. The sample code defines APP_SUFX in the actual vcproj file instead of one of the source files. The reason it was using this #define is because the author was creating a different lang.dll for each configuration (Debug, Release, Profile) so the name of the dll was made to be different for this purpose.

      In the sample code, you can get to APP_SUFX by right-clicking on the looking under the "C/C++ -> preprocessor" section of one of the project properties. It will be one of the preprocessor definitions.

      ...or if you choose, you can #define APP_SUFX for yourself. You can make it an empty string, but make sure that your Lang project also creates a DLL file that works with that name you chose.

      The *.vcproj files I posted on this forum for the recent Beta revision have some fixes for that definiton.