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    • The Red Ink Floweth...

      Hey there,

      The first chapter edits are in from Keith at Paraglyph, and I'll be starting the second pass on those chapters very soon.

      I'm in the middle of the 3D chapter, and should finish it by the middle of next week at the very latest. Once that chapter is up I'll be going back through the following chapters, fixing things and applying your feedback:

      Chapter 1: Wacky Chapter
      Chapter 3: Dumb Stuff
      Chapter 4: Building Your Project
      Chapter 5: User Interface
      Chapter 6: 2D Stuff
      Chapter 8: Main Loop
      Chapter 9: Resource Caching

      If you haven't had a chance to read thes chapters, you might want to give them a few minutes - they'll soon go "Content Complete" and we'll lock them down.

      Thanks to all,
      Author, Programmer, Brewer, Patriot