MilkShape 3D - Modeling Tool

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    • MilkShape 3D - Modeling Tool

      Hey has any tried MilkShape 3D for programmer art, or perhaps even serious art?

      I wonder because it might be a good resource for "quick n dirty" modeling by programmers who don't have 3D Studio on their machines.

      Find it
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    • I used it on a number of projects including creating filler models while working on a Quake III mod way back. It also has plugins for almost every file format you can think of, including DirectX's .X file format. I tried using it again for my 3D game from this semseter but found that as far as UV mapping etc. was concerned it fell short, though for animation as well as modelling it was more than sufficient in my opinion.

      If you simply want to create models and aren't too concerned with UV mapping/unwrapping then this tool is perfect to at least get you started, but you almost require a third party tool in order to correctly UV map your model (something which I found 3DS Max 6 much easier to accomplish than Maya).


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    • RE: MilkShape 3D - Modeling Tool

      MilkShape is pretty good tool
      you gotta like all the formats they support

      I find gameSpace to be pretty good too
      I like the user's interface better. Caligari also sell packs of characters on objects that you can use
    • I wouldn't buy it.

      I wouldnt
      I have no money being lowly collage student and all And, Any money I do have I spend on books like the spectacular Code Complete and games an MVC++ 7. Personally, I rather right my own 3D modeler than buy a cheap one. I do plan on buying Maya 4 though but I might have to start eating packing foam again.
      Anyway it's a great exercise writing your own.

      So long and thanks for all the fish.
    • Why, No Im no mere mortal. Humans go outside into the sun. I on the other had will burn like a match head. I'd gladly hack away at a 3D molder. I've written 3 in-fact. With different degrees of success. My first on was a little after I've gotten pretty good with QBasic 4.5 and Assembler. I could build 3D texture mapped worlds. But, they were split into Sectors because of the limitation of the hardware (IBM Pentium at 60Hz.) There was static vertex lighting. Pretty good I thought. The scenes were Z sorted and there were some Sub-pixel gaps.

      My second was in quick basic 4.5 and used the same sort of layout as my last one. But it had a real UI that was inspired by Duke Nukem 3D map editor but the levels were built out of polygons. Really neat I liked it.

      I moved on after that did allot of reading on ray tracing and every 3D technical known to man. My last 3D modeler was built using OpenGL and C++ on the Dev C++ GNU compiler because I have no money.
      I've scraped it's development I got it to load some doom maps and convert them into 3D polygon but, I was side tracked into my game engine Code named Monkey Butter. It should be pretty cool I'm developing it on Windows 98 with a 300MZ althon K2 with 256 Megs of ram. But now that I'm actually reading REAL book on C++ and going to school for C.S. and will soon have real development tools. It should be cool. Anyway Im yammering on and on. 3D modelers arent THAT hard you just need a good vertex system and watch for memory leaks. If I could teach myself QB Assembler C, C++, MySql, Java, and PHP by god you can make a 3D modler.

      Theres no excuses get to work.
      So long and thanks for all the fish.
    • I've tried it... although I have to admit, I tend to have a natural bias against any program willing to hold back key features (like saving and loading >< ) from the user unless they pay for it.

      In that regard, I much prefer GMax, which also has some pretty nice model conversion options, but the interface is something more cumbersome.

      Hey, there's an idea, why don't they make a 3D Studio Lite? lol.
    • MS3D is pretty good for quick and dirty programmer art. It is lacking in support for UV unwrapping though and the interface can be a little clunky. Anyone wanting to UV unwrap MS3d models should look at Lithunwrap (, the freeware precursor to Ultimate Unwrap 3d (which is worth upgrading to). Anyone wishing to learn about MS3D and Lithunwrap should refer to, it contains some great tutorials for both programs and will show you how to both model, texture and animate several differnt kinds of objects (including a Zombie :))

      Mete, the author of MS3D, is working on MS3D 2 which I'm told has NovodeX physics support and will work under Linux, that can only be a good thing!

      Another similar modeller (aside from Blender) is called FragMotion ( It's the same price as MS3D and I'd argue that it was more powerful. I've not used it for anything serious yet, but I found it pretty useful. It has features like built in Lua scripting, UV Unwrapping, a better interface and other nice little features.
    • I think milkshape 3D is not the best option for free 3D modelling software, Blender is definitely the way to go although 3DS Max is my favourite, when my student account runs out I will be using Blender, also if you are a Mac or Linux user it is cross platform as well.
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