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    • Hey everyone,

      Man, it's been *years* since I've posted. I really miss this community; for several years it was this little pearl of awesome on the internet. We were big enough that we got a lot of interesting posts, but small enough that we didn't attract the trolls. It looks like there's still a bit of a community here, so what would you say about maybe moving to Discord? I'd be happy to set up a discord server or something and post the invite link for those who want to join. That's where a lot of my interactions are these days, but of course it has the same problem (too big and you attract the trolls, too small it's not compelling).

      I'm not sure exactly what this would look like. It might be Game Coding Complete themed, or just general game dev. Or both! Anyway, let me know if you're interested. I don't check these forums much anymore, but I'll try to remember to check for the next few days. ;) If there's interest, I'll create a server for us. :)

    • OMG Rez - DO IT!
      Author, Programmer, Brewer, Patriot
    • Alrighty! Mike & I had a conversation last night to get on the same page. Here's the server link:

      This is a pemalink, but it dies after five uses. If you want to invite a friend, please generate a new link from the server rather than sending this one. I chose to have it die because I'm paranoid of the spambots. ;)

      Edit: Link has been made permanent.

      See you all there!