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    • Contacts for volunteering coders

      Hi All

      I have a coding project that I am looking to find someone to do for me. It isn't a fully paid job but there will be some money involved and it would be an ongoing project.

      What i would like to do, is run an old 2D Isometric game, the source code of a game i used to play was made public about 2 years ago, i am looking for someone to help me set up the server and then make modifications to the source, to change the game by a fair amount, to make it more enjoyable.

      I have generated a decent list of things i want done to the code so i am looking for someone who is maybe interested in gaming themselves and would like to be the main man/woman developer of my server. There will be a little money in it, I would be happy to give some dosh each month, just not loads as im not rich myself and i plan to be funding all the server/running costs myself already.

      would anyone know where i could go to find volunteers looking to take on a project like this? i have had a look around the internet and i cant seem to find anything solid.

      if any1 knows of something but cant post here for any reason, feel free to email me at

      thanks all for reading & apologies if i have broken any rules by doing this post!

      all the best

    • Here's what I would recommend to anyone responding to this request.

      A commercial enterprise should be able to afford to pay programmers market rates. If it cannot, then it should offer partial ownership in the enterprise in lieu of pay. But, a cautious person would carefully weigh the risks of devoting your time to an enterprise that is not in a position to grow its value significantly. In any case, a detailed legal agreement between both parties should be executed.

      I'll leave this post up, because I think this is a subject worth discussing. For the poster, it does not surprise me that you are finding it difficult to locate someone to help. There are many industries (artists, especially) that have frequent requests for work without pay, citing "it will help your resume." Many will respond to these requests, but in the end the work very rarely helps the contributor in any way. I'd only respond myself to a request like this if I personally knew the person who needed the work, and I thought their cause was compelling (perhaps for a charity, or a friend or colleague in desperate need).
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