Game Servers For Massivly Multiplayer Games

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    • Game Servers For Massivly Multiplayer Games

      Hello, i was wondering how you make a 'Game Server' for a games like Crowfall, League of Legends, etc.
      I know that those people who makes servers are using JavaScript for making it, but i am wondering, how? is there any book how to learn or any other resource?
    • First and foremost, creating a server like this is not easy. Games like LOL have entire teams dedicated to this stuff. On The Sims 4, our server was like 5 or 6 full-time engineers, and that was just for handling things like store integration and sharing.

      I've never seen a game use JavaScript for their backend server tech. I don't know why anyone would, JavaScript is a notoriously terrible language. Most projects I've worked on or know about use C++, sometimes with some other layer on it. For example, at Slipgate, we mostly used Python for the gameplay layer of the server (that was an MMO), but the core tech was C++. The Sims 4 server tech was all C++. I've seen some Unity-based games use Unity on the backend as well, which is all C# (not including the system layer of course). One project I worked on considered using straight C# for the server tech.

      But beyond that, the actual language you're using is less important than the architecture of how you're going to handle syncing data, updating objects, authority, etc. Those are the really hard problems to solve.

      What's your goal here?