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    • About Game Programming

      Hello, i am from Serbia.
      I am currently 15 y/o, high school and i like playing video games. I would like to learn some programming, i was doing at Python and Pawn(for Counter Strike 1.6 mods) and i have some basic knowledge, i wanna know what program should i start to learn and what program is using in game industry to programm games.
      I heard that C++ is using for programming, Adobe Air for clients and PHP for sites, but i am not very sure is that true or not.

      Thank you.
    • Yep, C++ is the primary language of the games industry, so you will need to learn it at some point.

      However, at your age, I would recommend starting with Unity. You'll be able to skip all the engine stuff and get something up and running very quickly. It'll also teach you C#, which is derived from C++ (as well as other languages, like Java). It's a really good place to start and the learning curve is MUCH smaller than starting with pure C++.

    • Eh, not exactly. The programmers are the heart of the game. Our job is to enable the creativity of designers. Designers are typically the ones who piece everything together; specifically the level designers.

    • I am also a highschool programmer (and also happen to be 15), just as you are. I have been programming for roughly 6 years now in c++ and still am only able to make small game engines that function, just not to the standard I'd hope. I wish you good luck on your endeavors though and suggest you learn c++ and suggest you look at some beginning books for c++ or similar.

      If you want to get started in c++ i'd suggest just taking a look online, there are many great resources out there!
      Unity is a good example of what an engine needs to be able to do to, however i wouldn't suggest you try to program an engine until your extremely confident in the language.
    • I have been on and off with my C++ learning activities, mostly due to major life changes. But what I can tell you, Rez has given consistently sound advice. Most importantly, never give up. Keep at it and stop the self doubting, and MAKE stuff, anything, and small games... even if they are only console text based games.
      You may call me char 71 97 100 100 97 109.