Need help on how to build game from scratch, Configure project ?

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    • Need help on how to build game from scratch, Configure project ?

      Hi everyone, i'm VAS.
      i need help on HOW TO CONFIGURE MY PROJECT, i want to use the CC4 project just like teapot_wars does but just cant get it to work.
      i saw a few tutorials on how to add code to a project but still cant get it to work ( i use C# mostly, and i have little experience on C++ projects or using multiple projects).
      More specific when i write Myproject.h

      Source Code

      1. #pragma once
      2. class PathingGraph;
      3. class IEventManager;
      4. class Myproject : public GameCodeApp
      5. {
      6. protected:
      7. virtual BaseGameLogic *VCreateGameAndView();......

      VS2015 cant find the GameCodeApp class, unless i use #include. But it finds PathingGraph and IEventManager just fine.In the official Solution(code from github) everything is detected, and i can build and run the engine and Teapot Wars just fine. I tried to play a bit in the project configuration but still no use, i looked at the Teapot Wars how its configured and cant get it to work ;( .
      Can some one tell me step by step how to include the GCC4(engine) project to my project, and everything to work just like Teapot Wars ?

      My project: [IMG:]

      Teapot Wars: [IMG:]
    • I can't really help without seeing the actual errors you're getting, but it sounds like your projects isn't referencing the GCC libs. Did you add the other vcxproj files like in the TeapotWars sln? Can you copy & paste the output you get when you compile?

      Disclaimer: We have never tried to compile another project other than Teapot Wars. It *should* work though.