DirectX 12. What do you think?

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    • DirectX 12. What do you think?

      Hello forum,

      I've recently started to read DX12 stuff (mostly msdn as other resources does not exist right now) and it looks really harder than DX11 we all know and love. I'm puzzled by how it will affect the industry in a whole. In theory it should greatly decrease CPU load (driver side). But increased complexity bothers me. It's rarely that devs have enough time even in DX11 to polish their products (there're several large products lately which failed ultimately due to bad perf), but with DX12 you can run into undefined behavior almost anywhere. I think we will see tons of unstable products in the nearest future...

      What do you guys think, will theoretical performance of DX12 outweight ease-of-use of DX11 soon?
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    • Really? Far back I've read that dx12 would decrease it's complexity and simplify things? Do you have any source? Also dx12 performance isn't that much of an improvement, the last benchmarks showed only about 30% improved rendering speed... There's no reason to switch to dx12 just for improved performance, it's features we are looking for. Since when did dx/microsoft start using the tick-tock model? (

      Also there's vulkan being sponsored by google, it looks like time is running out for dx

    • It won't effect us much for a while. ;) It's very rare for game companies to adopt the latest version of DirectX because it limits the number of devices your game can ship on. If you're making a purely console game, it might be different, but most PC games are still on older versions. For example, The Sims 4 was still using DirectX 9 because we needed our game to run on Windows XP.

    • Basically dx12 and vulkan are the same things, it's the matter of taste.

      dx12 really cuts of a lot of driver work, but that work now has to be done by the devs (allocation, syncs, residency, generally a lot of low level memory work). And 30% is the huge boost, but I'm afraid only the largetst companies would be able to invest time in this performance.
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