Event manager

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    • Event manager

      Hello, i'm implementing an event handler in my game, i've tried coding a few event handlers myself, but they're very clunky and sometimes unsafe.
      There's a whole chapter in the book about event handling, but it's kinda hard to implement if you don't have actors set up yet.
      So, what i was thinking about is, is it worth using boost's signals (boost.org/doc/libs/1_58_0/doc/html/signals2.html)?
      I know the previous edition used boost, did it include signals? Is the signals lib flexible enough? Has anyone tried it? It would mean that i'd have to include boost, another library in my code, so is it worth it?
    • Wait, why is it hard to implement without actors? If you're doing it right, events won't rely on actors (or any other system) at all.