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      Just want to ask a general question...besides the big ticket packages (like 3DS Maya etc) what software/resources are gamers using to create their own 3D models? Building a game is great, but building the models can be even more of a challenge...
    • I personally use Blender, it is a free software and can produce really great results. Most artists that I talk to about Blender think it is low quality or not as good as 3DS max, and seem to have the answer "I tried it but I couldn't find anything I use in Max". This is a somewhat legitimate answer as workflow is a big part of being productive, however this doesn't mean you can't get the same results as Max using Blender, the workflow is simply different and you have to give it time to learn. I find Blender more intuitive than Max as Autodesks products have become very bloated over the years. Even simple operations seem obfuscated, for example;

      You would think that actually modifying your mesh data would be an easy to access action, in Blender you would simply press tab to switch you to Edit mode (there are several different modes). However, in Max you must add a modifier (Edit Poly) just to manipulate vertices. This is somewhat of a tangent on your original question, however I wanted to illuminate that Blender is a viable tool and not just a fallback when you can't afford something like Max. Another thing about Blender is that it integrates a multi-resolution sculpting mode as well, however with that being said it does not yet compete with Z-Brush or Mudbox.
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    • Hi mholley!
      Great reply to my post...I didn't know Blender was so functional, and your post gave me a new perspective. Thanks! It sounds as if you have had a lot of experience with a variety of modeling tools, and I appreciate you bringing that to me. I am on my way to check it out more fully.

      Best of luck with your unannounced title and any future gaming endeavors!
    • Looked for 3D modeling software to. But I choose to focus on programming. And instead going for professional modeling software. As I am just a novice programmer.The Need to learn another second major field job in making games is bit to much. So I prefer going the more pure procedural content generation way. Which is also new to me and yet again something big to learn. But as part of programming. And with that no need for fulltime artist or bunch of them.