Argentum Online C, a new opportunity

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    • Argentum Online C, a new opportunity

      AOC is a project that has been in development for four years. After so much time and work there is finally a reachable objective. Our current objective is a private beta, ideally by the end of this year (2014).
      For this we require more talent, essentially C/C++ and Node.js programmers, with emphasis on C/C++.
      Minimum Prerequisites:
      - Knowledge of the programming language that one will be working in
      - Passion for video game development
      - Patience and dedication
      - Organization and knowledge of group work
      For those interested it is important to clarify the project does not make use of a third-party game engine.
      It's important for applicants to list their area of interest, to help break-down work.
      For more information:
      The website is in Spanish, but project documentation is in English, and the majority of the project developers speak English.
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      Contact me:
      private mail in this forum.
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    • RE: Argentum Online C, a new opportunity

      A friend of mine lived and worked in Spain for a few years and he really loved it there.
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