Gdc 2015

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    • It's that time of year again!

      GDC passes are on sale:

      The early-bird ends in January. If you know you're going, you should pick up a pass as soon as you can. Most of my colleagues are booking hotels now. They fill up fast, so now's the time!

      To reiterate what I probably say every year, GDC is THE place to go if you're looking for a job in the games industry or serious about game development and want to learn from the pros. I speak there pretty regularly and am submitting a couple of proposals to the AI summit this year. We'll see if they get picked up.

      I'm definitely going, even if I don't get in as a speaker. If any of you are going too I'd love to meet up for lunch or something. A couple years ago, we had six or eight people show up and it was a blast!

    • I've told myself I would be going this year, I really want to, I'll start saving now (bagged lunch).
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    • I just quit my job because I was about to blow my brains out if I stayed in that hellhole for another day. I'll either be too broke to make it or employed somewhere new - most likely not in gaming :(

      I would certainly like to go. I've learned a lot more from GCC than my other experiences. It will certainly help me even if I end up staying in engineering.