I need ideas for a microtalk!

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    • I need ideas for a microtalk!

      So I have a 10 minute microtalk coming up - what should I talk about? The audience is students...and it would be cool if I could do something outside of the typical "how to get a job" thing....
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    • RE: I need ideas for a microtalk!

      What kind of students? CS students? High school?

      For CS students, I often like to talk about generic programming advice you don't learn in school and wrap it up in a funny story. Give them 1 - 2 lessons about life in the industry. For example: learn how to debug! It's the most important skill you can develop as a working engineer. Then you can tell the story of that crazy guy at Origin who had perfect pitch.

      Another could be about error checking along with a funny story about how it bit you in the ass when you didn't have enough safety code.

      If these are high school students, I would do something a bit less practical. Rather than talk about programming directly, I would tell a story about learning life lessons. I often talk about the difference between the perception of working in the industry vs actually working here. Do you love games? Great! But that doesn't mean you actually want to make them. Following your heart, etc.

      In the end, you should think about your goal. What do you want them to be thinking about by the end of the talk? For me, I want to entertain and inspire them to follow their dreams, regardless of where those dreams might lead.

    • I would add to this but I think Rez pretty much said what I would have :D.
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    • Good advice of course!

      I'll be talking to college students.

      Learning how to debug is a good one. I've always liked that talk, and I can wrap it up in a couple of good stories.

      Thanks for the tips!
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