Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Happy Thanksgiving!

      This is a truly international site, but I'd still like to wish everyone a Happy Thankgiving. Among many things, I'm thankful for everyone who posts here and who reads Game Coding Complete. I'm also thankful for my friend and partner in crime Rez, without whose help the fourth edition would never have happened.

      You, my readers, have helped kept this book, and this website, alive and kicking for ten years! It's hard to believe.

      Happiness to all!
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    • Happy Thanksgiving,

      I am thankful that us Canadians get turkey about a month and a half before you guys in the states do :D. All kidding aside, I am thankful for you 2 industry veterans who make it apparent to us all the time that you have no interest in a cash grab book, but actually care about the future of the game industry and the young minds who are moving forward into it as it grows. I have said it before that I deeply feel that even with a great distance between us, in a way you have been my teachers and mentors and have helped me to work through the hard problems that games bring to the table, and gave me the peace of mind that I could actually be a professional game programmer. After roughly 2 years of reading the book, getting help on the forum, and even learning as I pay forward the help you guys have given me to others on this forum, 1 1/2 years of school, and now a job in the industry doing what I am passionate about for a living, I want to thank you again for giving us your time, effort and wisdom.

      I hope to make it to GDC this year, if I can't this time, next year will be a definite.

      - Matt Holley
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    • Thank you Mike and Rez, you and your families are in my thoughts this Thanksgiving as well. While it saddens me that most of the retail stores nearby will all open at 6pm on Thanksgiving and all of the employees must report to work. It's really terrible how money has changed a day that we are to be Thankful for having.

      Blessings to everyone!
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    • Ah shucks. It's enough to make this old programmer get all teary.

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