User interface code additions?

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    • User interface code additions?

      First off - great book :)

      However, read the readme accompanying the source code and it mentions you'll be doing some code examples of the various aspects of user interfaces. Any date for when we can expect to see these appear?
    • RE: User interface code additions?

      Dang it - did I really say that in the readme file?

      I don't have any plans to mess around in the source code examples, mostly because no one (until you) asked me to.

      Do you have a specific UI element you're interested in seeing?
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    • Sorry for the delay in replying.

      Nothing too specific really. I would just quite like to see (and be able to build upon/rewrite for my needs) examples of a couple of controls, some window management such as what to do with a window and its controls once the user moves onto another etc.

      Hope that all makes sense (the fireworks over here in the UK are pretty loud at the moment :().