Teapot Wars on Windows 8?

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    • I used Vista for awhile, mostly because I got a free copy of it through my school. I only ever ran it on an above average performance PC, and it ran OK except that it used way to much RAM. If I ran it now, it would probably run just fine, but back then 4GB was a lot of RAM, and my games took a performance hit. So I eventually went back to XP. Vista also tried to enforce hardware acceleration via features like Aero, and most standard office PC's at the time lacked any significant GPU processing power, because they simply never needed it.

      Windows 8 is trying to do something similar by pushing towards a touch interface, in a world where most PC's don't have touch screens... And it's just plain gawd-awful annoying trying to us the new start menu with a mouse and keyboard.
    • Is TeapotWarsEditor supposed to work on VS2012?

      I'm using Windows 7 with VS2012.

      I had to install "3rd Party Compiled Libs for Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8" and replace bullet 2.79 with bullet 2.80 from Slayerizer to make everything compile.

      After this ordinary TweapotWars seems to work as intended.

      However the Editor is not working very well. It's possible to "Open Level", but when trying to do most things, such as selecting an actor, an error occurs, such as seen in this image.

      Also, when closing the program, another error occurs.
      "The Direct3D device has a non-zero reference count, meaning some objects were not relesed."

      UPDATE: I just tried the unmodified Source by installing VS2010 and I get the same errors there as well, so perhaps this isn't due to VS2012 and Windows 7.


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    • Just a quick follow up, I was able to get TeapotWars to work on my Windows 8 tablet running VS 2012.

      Purrrty sweet :)

      One thing I did have to do was add the line:

      #include "DXUTmisc.h"

      ...to both shaders.cpp and D3DRenderer.cpp.

      Also added the include of the correct DXUTmisc.h file, that had the definition of the DXUT_SetDebugName function, to the GameCode4_2010 project.

      ...I am noticing some lag when the balls get fired. Anyone else notice this? This happens on both windows 7 and 8. This is when running the game in debug mode, with a bunch of warning errors. I'm sure that make some difference as it's also in windowed mode. I'm still very much in the learning process of this engine, so I'm sure the kinks will get worked out the more I move along through the code.

      All in all a great start. I'm glad there is something out there like this book, with actually working code. I know you guys (the authors) are busy, but .... (thank you). :)