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    • Originally posted by devast3d
      I was afraid of possible case when the process is instant and it has a child and a child has a child... or even the chain is endless (I can't think of any feature which could be done this way for now, however this is possible). If we process everything in the same frame we could get a spike or even halt.

      Yep, this would be an issue. It would happen very, very rarely, which is probably the worst kind of bug.

      Well, pushing to the front solves anything anyway! :)

      I'll be checking in a fix for that into google code shortly.

      Nice catch! I think you get added to the 5th edition beta reader list.

      5th edition?!? I'm not sure my sanity can take another edition. ;)

    • The fix has been checked in. I ran the game and played around a bit to make sure there weren't any ordering dependencies and everything seemed fine. Let me know if you notice anything.


    • Edit: BTW any news on the 5th edition?

      Nothing official, no. This would be the first place we anounced it.