Another tale from the pixel mines

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    • I've been using a black/dark theme for quite some time and I think it's great for low light conditions and coding, but I get totally depressed by it when I'm writing a thesis, article, documentation, etc. for longer periods.

      About a year ago I discovered the solarized color theme, it's shipped as two color themes: a bright and a dark one. Now I'm almost exclusively using the bright one during day times and the dark one when I'm still late at night hacking away at my computer. You can check it out here:
      It got color themes for a lot of programs.


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    • I went with something like that, it's medium gray background with not so much neon colours but nice bright colours
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    • Originally posted by BrentChua
      Have you guys tried using F.lux? Its a program that filters the color output of your screen. The blue color is supposed to cause the most strain into your eyes and it filters it out or something from what i remembered. Then it makes your screen look yellow and weird. It takes some time to get used to but i've gotten used to it. Disabling F.Lux makes my eyes squint and made me realize how unnecessarily bright my computer screen was.

      I've tried to use this utility and now I'm absolutely in love with it! It makes coding in late evenings much more pleasant than before. Thanks man!
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