Bend Project To Your Will (GDC 2007)

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    • Bend Project To Your Will (GDC 2007)

      Hi all,

      I found this link, which has the GDC 2007 "Bend Project To Your Will" as well as an audio recording of Mr. Mike himself delivering the presentation.

      Source Link:…rdings-well-most-of-them/

      Bend Microsoft Project to Your Will

      Speaker: Mike McShaffry

      Almost everyone agrees that scheduling game production with Microsoft Project is somewhere between difficult to impossible. This talk demonstrates some tricks in Microsoft Project learned over ten years of consistent use. Come learn how to organize your schedules and how to schedule milestones; learn the difference between using priorities and links; understand how to use custom working schedules; and see how to enter extra data into your schedules to keep everything in order. The talk also shows how to keep your schedule up to date, making it a consistent and near-perfect picture of your projects current state.

      Download Link:…

      Anyone have an audio recording of GDC 2008's "Bend Project To Your Will - Again"?