Finally found the 2nd Edition book!

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    • Finally found the 2nd Edition book!

      Thanks, Mike, for posting the links below. I bought your first edition back when it came out, but didn't get the second because I thought it might be a minimal addition. I'm already familiar with most of the information in the book, but I love reading about the stories and gotchas.

      Since, there IS a lot more content and I decided to buy the book, I can't find it anywhere for less than 100 bones!

      Anyway, I was able to finally order it from link you posted and it will be a nice addition. Plus I won't miss the next edition. ;) Thanks.
      - High Voltage Software -

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    • Mike's book is indeed a great book, and one of my favourite books on game programming/development. After reading your post i thought i would take a look on, they have 4 copies, the cheapest being £60.85 Stirling (around $119.14 ) and the most expensive is £98.95 Stirling($193.74)

      Boy am i glad i bought my copy when the shops still had a few in stock, good 'ole Heffer's ,and i even got 30% staff discount..:) Saying that though, Mike's book is well worth every penny of what they are currently asking for on Amazon, IMO. ;)
    • I was actually wrong about finding it originally--the idiots who list it "in stock" don't really have it in stock and try and get it from the manufacturer. It's a really crappy place, IMHO.

      I finally found it in search at Barnes and Noble throughout Chicago and had a friend pick it up. can tell you which stores have it in stock.

      Good luck.

      - High Voltage Software -
    • Here's the thread that talks about the plans for 3rd edition:

      I'm not sure what I can say beyond that, so I'll defer to Mike for any further information, including targeted release date.