Simplicity at its most embarrasing :)

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    • Complicated Simplicity

      its kinda funny how simple some things are that took me forever to realise. I wonder how long a list I can make ...

      1) a game is basically just a mathematically advanced puppet show
      2) the event system is simply a list of commands, seriously that it!
      3) I nearly fainted to figure out that sin and cos are not magic functions, in fact they're hardly functions at all, they are constants. man are they constants... they are as constant as you get. probably true for all trigonomic triangle relation functions as well.
      4) ouch on this one... a mesh, in its entirety of points, does not magically transform by passing it once through a matrix. Every point in the mesh must be multiplied by its world matrix. Egad.. how could i not realise that :X. its really allot of math going on.
      5) games should be scripted, not coded. Engines are written in C++ and Scripts run the show. Think of an engine as a little, and by little i mean really big, library which the scripts use to get its work done. And I say this having not completed an engine or integrating scripting into a game myself :P

      more to come as i think of it


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