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    • Thanks for signing up. The more I write on this book the more I realize how impossible this is to accomplish alone.

      I also realize why programming books suck, mostly. It's because they're damn hard to write. Microsoft Word does NOT format code very well, and Visual C++ doesn't have a thesarus. Given that, cut and paste errors abound, especially when I have to tweak code examples to make them clear.

      I'm hoping this site will make online discussion of the opinions in the book a little easier; I'd hate to just sift though a bunch of email without letting all of you have at each other a little bit. I'll enjoy that. What I won't enjoy is having all of you crucify my writing! That's my cross to bear, I guess, because I want you to be brutal. Better now than when the book is printed and I've made a complete goof of myself, with an ISBN number and a permenant entry in the Library of Congress. Crazy.

      Go check out some of the threads in the General Topics forum. I'll have the first few chapters up in a few weeks.

      Thanks again.
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