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  • Hope you still keep the forum site running for a while. Its still a great source of information even though there is no more activity.

  • Hello After taking look at the source code license which prohibits reusing classes and functions in other projects under a more restrictive license, I was wondering if the same conditions apply to source code listings from inside the book? Best regards Samuel

  • I guess the quote from Stalling is what I was looking for. Thank you!

  • Maybe this question is somewhat silly, but it is quite a blockade on my path: When I started reading the book I came across the part about implementing the Mersenne Twister algorithm. This brought up the question if I am actually meant to understand such algorithms as an engine programmer or if its quiet usual that one implements basically the psudeo code printed in proper literatur without really understanding it? At this point I got somewhat demotivated as I started thinking maybe I am not the…