Save To Web

Store Unity Save Games in the Cloud!

IN BETA TEST! Contact me if you'd like an early look.

This Unity plugin saves any information you wish, such as their last saved game to a database on the web. If players ever have to wipe their phone, their save game will automatically be restored!


  • Supports standalone PC, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms (will require Internet access permissions)
  • Save game files can be sent in any format
  • Save game data is sent and received encrypted to keep your save game database hacker free
  • An Install Wizard that helps you set up your web server files, the save game database, and security measures
  • A sample project helps you see how to integrate SaveToWeb
  • A web based administrator console that can manage test devices and download save game data for simple game analytics
  • C# scripts for Unity client, PHP5 scripts for the server side for easy customization
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee