While I was at Red Fly Studio, teams needed an easy way to visualize progress on complicated game projects. I've created three useful gadgets:

  • Asset Velocity Gadget - predicts which deliverables will make their deadlines and which are in jeapordy.
  • Sprint Intensity Gadget - shows team workload, and if any person or group has too much to do or too little.
  • Worklog Monitor Gadget - if you have strict timekeeping requirements, this gadget shows how groups and individuals are logging their work.


Deliverables Velocity Gadget

Sprint Intensity
Will your deliverables make their deadlines?
The Deliverables Velocity Gadget for JIRA will help you and your team see how each major deliverable in your project is speeding towards the next sprint goal. Color coded graphs will show if a deliverable will hit the due date on time or whether it is progressing at all. Green signifies on target progress, yellow and read show deliverables behind their expected progress, and blue shows deliverables that haven't been started or have stalled out.

COMING SOON - Contact Mike to be in the open beta.

Sprint Intensity Gadget

Sprint Intensity
Never over or under commit your team again!
The Sprint Intensity Gadget helps identify any person or group that is overcommitted or undercommitted for the current sprint, or even future sprints if they've been planned. As the sprint evolves and work progresses the gadget displays a color coded summary graph showing how much work remains. If your team is green everything is great! If they go yellow or red, they have too much planned for the time remaining.

COMING SOON - Contact Mike to be in the open beta.

Worklog Monitor Gadget

Worklog Monitor
Is Your Team Working on Defined Tasks?
If everyone is working hard, but the project seems to be in a standstill, your team might be working on undefined tasks. The worklog monitor gadget gives you a complete picture of how much time your team is spending on tasks that are defined in JIRA, defined by group or individual. If the graph is green, then work is being done on defined tasks. If the graph goes yellow or blue, then work is either slowed or stopped, or is being done on tasks outside of those defined in JIRA.

COMING SOON - Contact Mike to be in the open beta.