• Plugins for JIRA

    While I was at Red Fly Studio, teams needed an easy way to visualize progress on complicated game projects. I've created three useful gadgets:

    • Asset Velocity Gadget - predicts which deliverables will make their deadlines and which are in jeapordy.
    • Sprint Intensity Gadget - shows team workload, and if any person or group has too much to do or too little.
    • Worklog Monitor Gadget - if you have strict timekeeping requirements, this gadget shows how groups and individuals are logging their work.


  • Tools for Unity

    Unity is one of the best game development suites I've seen in a long time - and while I was at Red Fly I developed some tools and plugins especially for Unity. Check them out!

  • Addins for Microsoft Project

    I've used Microsoft Project to handle complicated scheduling problems, especially for anything that is made from many components created by more than one person. Being a programmer and a project manager, I needed more from Project that it would give me, so I created these addins!

    These useful tools help you maintain best practices, provide some time-saving features, and immediately identify important challenges in your project before they become a problem.

    Please note that I've stopped supporting these plugins, but you are free to try them out. I hope they work for you!