Turnkey Game Production

Do you have a project, but no team to develop it? Whether you need a team to be found, or a temporary team to be built for a quick one-off project, my deep contacts in the game development industry and project experience can put this problem behind you.

Once I have the feature set, platform, and other goals of the project I'll create a project plan that includes a team breakdown and ramp-up and ramp-down schedule, recommended game engine technology, an outsourcing plan, and a draft milestone schedule that is workable for both finance and the development team. Once that is done I'll find the developers, which might be a distributed team of contractors for a short project or an independent studio with the bandwidth and experience to take down larger projects. At that point, at your request, I can continue as the main point of contact and producer for the project from the very first brainstorming session to acceptance of the gold master.

I've closely managed 15 projects in my career, including FRPGs, kids, casual, military simulations, 3rd person action, platforming, and mobile games. Platforms included PC, Xbox, PS2, Wii, 3DS, and mobile. They have ranged in team size from 3 to 65 and have spanned schedules between 1-28 months. I'm happy to say that each of these projects met or exceeded their goals.

Show me your target, and I'll make sure you hit it dead center.