Project Deliverables Planning

Most projects need to estimate their schedule and milestone deliverables during contract negotiation, which is typically before the development team is even assigned to the project. The need to do this can strain the relationship between business development and product development – but it doesn’t need to anymore.

I can help you create a detailed plan that balances the needs of everyone, creating something that will get the project greenlit and motivating the team at the same time.

This plan includes:
  • A team roster that identifies who will work on the project when, and what new hires or outsourcers need to be included.
  • An inventory of large deliverables on the project, broken down by strike team, discipline, deliverable stage, and what is due for each milestone
  • A project timeline that balances the effort, cost, and time spent on preproduction, production, and postproduction.
  • A risk analysis that identifies and tracks risks on the project. This includes who is the owner of each risk, its potential negative effect on the project, how it can be avoided, or if it cannot be avoided how to minimize its impact on the project.