Bend Microsoft Project to Your Will, Again!

60 Minute Lecture

Download size: 40 MB

This lecture is an updated and improved version of the popular lecture first given at every GDC 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Almost everyone agrees that scheduling game production with Microsoft Project is somewhere between difficult to impossible. This lecture teaches Microsoft Project tricks learned over ten years of consistent use. You will learn how to organize your schedules, why you should never use the link button, how to schedule milestones, how to set custom working schedules, and how to enter extra data to keep everything in order. You will also see how to keep their schedule up to date, even in an agile environment, making it a consistent and near-perfect picture of the current state of your project.

The download includes the complete PowerPoint deck, notes, sample projects, movies, and everything you need to make your scheduling job a sane one again.