The Pixel Mines

Work in the Pixel Mines Is Harder Than It Has Ever Been.

Just a few years ago, it wasn't that hard to sign $5M game development deals. It was even possible to break $10M if the idea was good enough and the team had a great track record.

Today, things are different.

Established studios and experienced teams are struggling to get even small deals, and when they are signed the team has to push a lot harder to meet project goals.

I've worked my entire career to do more with less, and to deliver products under less than ideal conditions. I can show your team how to do the same, and survive until we get the good times back!

Let me help you:

  • Get the most development for every dollar you spend.
  • Deliver every milestone, and your project on time or even early.
  • Build a fun game, and build it without going back to the drawing board.
  • At a glance know exactly where trouble spots are in your game development process.
  • Keep your developers happy.

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Phone: +1-512-203-1885