MFC vs. Win32

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    • MFC vs. Win32

      I would like to hear some opinions on developing a game with either Win32 sdk or MFC. I am a dyed in the wool MFC programmer who wouldn't dream of developing a windows business in anything but MFC. But a game is different in that you want a smaller exe and a smaller footprint. I am concerned about the baggage caused by using the MFC libraries. What is the feeling of Mr Mike and other?
    • RE: MFC vs. Win32

      A C++ business application is one thing but a game is really different. Most games (action style games ) don't have the complicated gui's (at least of the type MFC is good at). Most game dialogs contain very few controls, button clicks, combo box selections. that sort of thing.

      Looking in at the windowsx.h include for some Windows SDK still helper macros that will made SDK programming seem somewhat familiar. With a little practice I think youll find programming with MFC isnt so bad and as an added bonus your game distribution will be that much smaller.

      If you have specific question about how to do something ask Ill help if I can

      Ive been programming Windows since before most people ever heard of it. (Windows 2.0). Ive been using MFC since it was first introduced in Microsofts first C++ compiler 7.0.
    • RE: How do I access data?

      dang, what type of game are you trying to create?
      re you sure you need a database? If game isn't some multi-player network thing or some really exacting sim. you want to consider flat files

      Access databases are a local file based database. That makes me thing that a file based approach is most likely best.

      Have you considered storing each database table as flat file and if you what to support multiple players yu could encode a player's name as the base of the file name?

      If you're using Access as a stepping stone and prototype for a server side database you'll find the ODBC API functions start with SQL* there are little bits of sample code that may be helpful. If you really need database systems MFC maybe the easiest way to go if you know how to use it.

      With a little more information I can be more helpfiul if you really need the database.