Web game as custom ActiveX control

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    • Web game as custom ActiveX control

      I would like to develop a demo version of my game that can be played in a web browser. I plan to write a custom ActiveX control. It sounds like Mike McShaffry did seomthing similar. In Game Coding Complete page 366 says our game was designed to run in a window, full-screen, or as an ActiveX control on a web page. Can Mike, or anyone, point me to a good starting point? Are there any good samples of games done this way? (active X controls in a web browser) Or just a good general purpose resource for writing ActiveX controls to be used in a web browser.

      The main question I have is about drawing. Will I have to use GDI to draw into the web browsers window or is it possible to use Direct Draw. As it is now, my games only runs full screen using Direct Draw. It is all 2D and all the drawing is done with customer software blitters to a system memory buffer. At the end of the frame, all the dirty parts of the buffer are copied to the DirectDraw back buffer and then the page is flipped. A debug version of my game runs in a Windows using DirectDraw which simulates a page flip. For my web version which will always be in a window, is there any advantage to trying to use DirectDraw or should I just use GDI to copy the dirty parts of my buffer to the screen?