Who Calls VCreateSceneNode ?

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    • Who Calls VCreateSceneNode ?


      This is a simple question, Who calls VCreateSceneNode ?

      I'am trying to figure out how the things are rendering into a scene and I see a lot of this method declaration at Actors.cpp source code, but I can't find who is the caller from this method, I noticed to that this is a Factory Method!
    • It's called in BaseRenderComponent::VGetSceneNode():

      Source Code

      1. shared_ptr<SceneNode> BaseRenderComponent::VGetSceneNode(void)
      2. {
      3. if (!m_pSceneNode)
      4. m_pSceneNode = VCreateSceneNode();
      5. return m_pSceneNode;
      6. }

      It lazily creates the scene node here. Since VCreateSceneNode() is virtual, it will call the appropriate version.