Just Ordered GCC! What Programming Concepts Should I Review?

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    • Just Ordered GCC! What Programming Concepts Should I Review?


      So, I just ordered the Fourth Edition of Game Coding Complete from Amazon! It should be arriving this week. Obviously this means I have a ton of down time to review C++.

      I've had enough experience with C++ to make simple console games, but I do need to make sure that I've got everything reviewed before GCC arrives?

      So, with that said, what concepts should I have a strong grasp of before the book arrives?
    • As long as you have a working knowledge of C++, you should be fine. We tend to explain anything that's esoteric or complex. Here are some subjects you should be familiar with:
      • Object-Oriented Programming (encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism)
      • Basic data structures
      • STL
      • Some basic design patterns (factory, model-view-controller, singleton, observer, etc.
      ​You don't need to know it all, but these are some good areas to study a bit.

    • Alphabeta,

      Welcome to the forums and you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book. I've been able to read mostly all of it and plan on reading it again and again and again until I fully understand it all. But this is the very book that started my quest into Game Programming and I couldn't be any happier with it. Both Mike and Rez frequent the forum which adds so much value to this book, and if I may say so myself... is probably one of the most unique things that you won't find elsewhere when purchasing books. Their willingness to really help those whom aspire to be avid Game Programmers either as a hobbyist or full time career really speaks to their passion.

      - Gaddam
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