Raido Kickstarter / Beta

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    • Raido Kickstarter / Beta

      I've had the awesome luck of getting a great group of people put together. We have been working non-stop to get this project out, and I'm proud to say that after a short 5 months we are ready for kickstarter/beta release. You can sign up for the beta on our website at until the kickstarter begins, at which time if you feel like it's worthy you can help support us via donations.

      Raido is a tactical trading card game with a unique approach to the combat system. We've got great artists from games such as "Legend of the 5 Rings" and TSR's D&D 2nd Edition. If you guys want more information please let us know, The thing I want most out of this is to see people playing my creation, because it is just too damn cool to see someone else use something you've built.

      Please help spread the word, we're building gameplay demos and videos right now. I've played it quite a bit so far, and it's very addicting. It is multiplayer, with plans for many years worth of expansions, releases, and updates.