Game code 4 - Opengl help I am beginner

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    • Hi Muhammad, welcome to the forums.

      To answer your questions, there are plenty of resources on setting up a Win32 application, however this book is not one of them. It sounds to me like you need a solid foundation first before you move onto OpenGL, and if you really don't care a lot about how the windowing works yet, let me recommend to you which gives you a solid foundation in SDL and the basics of working with SDL, and eventually moves onto OpenGL. Setting up a Win32 window for OpenGL is fairly easy (not much harder than just creating a regular window), however your time is best spent elsewhere I think.

      Rendering in OpenGL or any 3D engine for that matter takes time and practice and the less on your plate the better, there are other options than SDL though if you decide to dive into OpenGL, my favorite OpenGL resource is which uses GLUT initially and than moves onto GLFW. The point is that it doesn't matter whats going on behind the scenes at first because you want to get started with rendering and making games, once you have the basics figured out, you should come back and figure out Win32 stuff.

      I also recommend Frank Lunas C++ books, which also dive into Win32 programming eventually. Another more advanced option which I personally use is JUCE which is kind of a plethora of user interface stuff, including windowing code.
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