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7 Dendra 111
04-01-2014 15:01
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  Future of programming
Forum: Toolbox
0 DieselMaxPower 85
04-01-2014 13:47
by DieselMaxPower
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  Building GCC4 with VS2010 Express
Forum: Source Code v4.0 (4th Ed.)
5 RanZim 152
03-29-2014 18:33
by RanZim
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Latest News
Game Coding Complete - Fourth Edition!
Posted by mrmike on 01-12-2012 22:34
I'd like to announce the publication of Game Coding Complete, Fourth Edition! This book was authored by me and David Rez Graham, who you all know on this site as simply, Rez. Together we have gone through every chapter and every line of code and made huge additions and improvements:

  • Rez has added his Tales from the Pixel Mines in almost every chapter!
  • Updated the projects to work with Visual Studio 2010
  • Implemented a new, Direct3D 11 based graphics pipeline and added an entire chapter on implementing pixel and vertex shaders
  • Added a modern, component based Actor system based on XML, and written an entire chapter to cover it
  • Refreshed the Resource Cache to allow preloading and tight integration with other SDKs, especially DirectX
  • Overhauled the Lua scripting architecture, allowing all game specific code to be scripted, rather than hard coded
  • Added decision trees and fuzzy logic to the AI system
  • A complete rewrite of the C# game editor, allowing it to be extensible with XML
  • Removal of Boost C++ in favor of making the code easier to download and compile
  • Significant improvements and corrections to all the existing code and text

The book is available now in the US and should be available very shortly worldwide.

The GameCode4 Source code, which includes a running game and the core framework of a C# game editor, is available now - so even if you don't have the book yet you can play with the code. You just need Visual Studio 2010 and the DirectX SDK. Everything else is included.

This book was inspired by the good readers of this web site, without your daily posts and support none of this would have happened!
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Google Code
Download source code v4.0 from the 4th edition !
Use SVN to grab the code and keep it current, and don't forget to downloard the file for libs and headers for Lua, Bullet, etc!

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